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London Box Sash Windows - Sash Windows London. Examples of Sash Window Repairs London, Restoration & Draught Proofing

Overhaul and Draught Proofing

Draught proofing is the best solution to draughty, noisy windows that don't open & close properly.

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Restoration and Repairs

Clients are surprised when we present the option of sash window repair rather than replacement.

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Complete replacements manufactured and installed.

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Sash Windows London - Repairs, Restoration, Draught Proofing & Replacement

London Box Sash Windows are specialists in repairs and restoration, draught-proofing and replacement of traditional box sash windows and doors throughout London and Kent.

We are a well established family run company, providing high quality installations and restorations, at very competitive prices.

Striving to help clients retain these original, beautiful features of their Victorian and Georgian homes, we use high quality, specialist materials whilst applying traditional methods. Our carpenters are passionate about keeping traditional windows in traditional houses, whilst eliminating their draughts and rattles and therefore bringing them up to date with modern day living standards.

We are able to offer all sash window related products and services, including repairs and restoration, draught-proofing, new joinery, high quality timber repairs, re-glazing, a range of window furniture and security fittings as well as new replacements. The specialist draught-proofing products used are stocked from the UK's market leader and will increase the energy-efficiency of your home. The weather seals are rebated within the timber, so as to not affect the look of your windows and doors.

  • Are your sash windows in need of repair or restoration?
  • Are they difficult to open or close?
  • Do they let in draughts or unacceptable levels of noise?
  • Do they rattle?

If you answered YES to any of the above, we can HELP! Carry on reading.

Restoration and Repairs

We believe in carrying out an assessment to see if repairs can be made.

Restoration and repairs can very often be carried out rather than having to replace the window. This is an option worth considering as it's less expensive and can often prove as efficient as replacement. Many of the old Victorian and Georgian sashes were made using far superior quality timber than the timber used in modern day joinery so we encourage our customers to bear this in mind when thinking about sash window repairs vs. replacement.

Draught Proofing

Draughts are a common problem. The immediate solution in many people's minds are to have them replaced with overly expenisve double-glazing. Don't!

Draught proofing is more environmentally friendly than fitting new windows and can be installed for a fraction of the cost of complete replacement. There is also a huge misconception that the energy that you're losing through your windows is due to the fact that they're single glazed when in fact it is due to the cold air coming into your home through the gaps around your windows. More heat is lost in this way than can be saved by trying to double-glaze your existing windows. The cost of draught proofing can generally be recouped within 5 - 12 years. It can take up to 80 years* for new double glazed windows to start saving you money.

* www.confusedaboutenergy.co.uk/index.php/heat-loss-and-insulation/double-glazing

Our overhaul and sash window draught proofing service aims to stop these draughts and start saving you money.


Replacement maybe your only option if your existing sash windows have deteriorated beyond the point where they can be repaired, or if the sash windows that were once original to your house have at some point been removed and you may wish to re-instate them back to their former glory with exact replicas. We can help in both of these situations.

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