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Overhaul and Draught Proofing

Draught proofing is the best solution to draughty, noisy windows that don't open & close properly.

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Restoration and Repairs

Clients are surprised when we present the option of sash window repair rather than replacement.

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Complete replacements manufactured and installed.

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Sash Window Draught Proofing

Rattles and draughts from old sash windows are common problems. The immediate solution in many people's minds are to have them replaced with overly expenisve double-glazing. Don't! This is seldom necessary.

Sash windows can be draught stripped very satisfactorily, with the added bonus of reducing fuel bills, improving sound-proofing and making the windows easier to operate.

Sash window draught proofing is more environmentally friendly than fitting new windows and can be installed for a fraction of the cost of complete replacement or double glazed windows. There is also a huge misconception that the energy that you're losing through your sash windows is due to the fact that they're single glazed when in fact it is due to the cold air coming into your home through the gaps around your windows. More heat is lost in this way than can be saved by trying to double-glaze your existing windows.

* www.confusedaboutenergy.co.uk/index.php/heat-loss-and-insulation/double-glazing

London Box Sash Window Draught Proofing System

London Box Sash Windows work changes nothing about the appearance of the window and eliminates all the common problems associated with sash windows. All of the character and the features of the window are retained. We take your sashes apart and cut grooves around the edges of the window and install a permanent draught seal that is hidden to the eye, so as not to affect the look of a traditional window, but still excluding all of the gaps around the sashes, massively decreasing the energy that you're losing in your home.

  • Sashes are fully removed from box frame for all required machining.
  • Pulley wheels are to be serviced and all loose, flaking paint will be scraped back.
  • Any necessary minor timber repairs to be carried out.
  • All alterations will be made to achieve a smooth sliding action of both top and bottom sashes. Sashes will be planed down or packed out to ensure windows are correctly aligned, and open and close properly.
  • Consumable components of the windows are to be renewed, such as staff beads, parting beads and sash cords.
  • Hidden draught seals are to be installed in all beading and rebated into the top, bottom and meeting rails of all sashes. All new timber will be primed and undercoated.
  • A 10 year guarantee will be presented on completion of the works.

This service can also be applied to all casement windows and doors.

London Box sash Windows sash window draught proofing procedure:

  • virtually eliminates all draughts and dust ingress.
  • reduces outside noise levels.
  • ensures smooth sliding of sashes.
  • eliminates the rattling of sashes.
  • reduces heating bills and improves energy efficiency.

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